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Radiant Rock

MAM 050



Releases date

August '19


  • Rock
  • Psychedelic
  • Indie
  • Captivating


Album Theme: Radiant Rock. Chris Carter contacted me out of the blue and the first time I listened to his band MIND POOL from Capetown, South Africa I immediately thought, why aren’t these guys headlining rock festivals or selling out concerts in mega stadiums around the world? For me, they are the most righteous millennial continuation of what grunge did for rock history in the 90s. I’m so blown away by this band, who have been described as a “hypnotic aural trip” (New Musical Express), consisting of “hazy, psychedelic melody, gorgeous, temperate rhythm and incredible guitar work.” (Howl & Echoes) So just sit back, put your best headphones on and let these psychedelic waves of radiant rock wash over you.

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