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Police Patrol

MAM 070



Releases date

July '21


  • Convict
  • Conman
  • Savage
  • Mam070 Police Patrol


Album Theme: Crime, Cops & Corruption. Listen to Criminal Investigations, The Midnight Slasher, Hot Pursuit and Suspicious Activity. In today''s digital world, if you''ve witnessed a cop committing a crime, you can prove what you already know with what you''ve captured on your phone. Upload that video, watch it go viral, and you''ve got some bona fide evidence that your cop is a bad cop. Now go back in time, and just try to imagine how it would feel to be at the mercy of such a bad cop, armed with a gun, badge and uniform that give him the authority to do whatever he wants. Imagine you''ve been framed for a crime you didn''t commit, slowly coming to the cruel realization that you can''t get anyone in charge to listen to your story. Because they''re all in on it.

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