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Happy Housepets

MAM 068



Releases date

July '21


  • House
  • Amusing
  • Good
  • Pets


Album Theme: Happy Housepets. Listen to Cats Are Snobs, Dog Sleepover, Suburban Sheep and Harry The Hamster. Did you know that more than half of the world has at least one pet living with them under their roof? Pets give their owners affection, are great company and might just be better friends than some humans you know. Honestly, if someone doesn''t like my dog, how can they like me? What kind of a person doesn''t get my slobbering, loveable and always starving Labrador Kianadog, who will simply do anything for you, and your leftover sandwich? This comical album not only features acoustic instrumentation played by real humans, we also got a bunch of our HAPPY HOUSEPETS to chime in too!

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